Potaror (karlstad) wrote in dealvering,

Patrick Wolf


this cam can't justify the original book. The black is supposed to be black and the edges straight - I hope you can get the picture anyhoo.
As a Patty-portrait, it's good, I think.

Also, it's totally for sale if anyone would want it - otherwise I'll sell it here.
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Absolutely lovely. The hair!!!
Thanks! You're probably the only one around who knows anything about him, so it matters.
i call him patty too : )

this is great
Weeii, thank you! I was kinda satisfied too...
hello! here from patrickwolf to say that this is bloody amazing. how did you make it?
Thank you very much!
Well, book binding is complicated, but anyone can do it once they know how to.
In short, I fold all the pages, sew them together, glue the back, make the cover from two types of cardboard and some nice fabric, and glue the book into the cover. Then, in this case, I paint something directly on the fabric with textile paint and a very small brush.
On the ones in leather I draw something and cut it out of a piece of cardboard and put it under the fabric/leather as a relief.
From patrickwolf...

What's in the book? That's what *I'm* interested in.
That's the point - there's nothing in it. it's up to whoever buys it to write stuff.
It's kinda small, so it's perfekt for taking notes, write down adresses, write a novel or whatever you'd like.
Ohhhh, ha ha, that makes sense now. I totally thought you made a book about Patrick Wolf or something. I was gonna say "DAAAANG". Still cool that you did that, though.
Hahaha, I'm not that geeky! (yet)