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Come with us now...

Lolz! T3h M1ghty B00sh 1c0nz!


Take if you want and be cool like me.
(I like this version of Photoshop so much better than the one I got at home!)

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I see you got me letter, than, yes?

Hee hee!

These are pretty darn good icons, mon! I'm gonna snag the last one, if ya don't mind.
HEY! I did write you a omg squee email the second it arrived, did I not? Or didn't it get to you? I shall investigate this further.
I bloody love that show! Vince Noir is soooooo goddamn coooooooool! Wow! Foxy.
And the jokes are just as random as my humour so I laughed like mad! And my dad has just seen tiny snippets but he laughed like mad too. Haha.
Well yesh I gotta e-mail but no omg squee one. Oh well!

I knew you'd like it!!! I just thought random humour+music = Karlstad!

Yeah, Vince is the best. My cousin is such a huge fan, she made herself a Vince jacket and everything. Lolz. He's genius (he's also why I always say 'genius'!)
Bugger! I knew I wrote it, anyway. Damnit.

Wow! I want his clothes too! He's so silly and happy all the time, nothing gets him down. But he still isn't stupid, he just don't bury himself in his problems. Yay!
So, they kept doing the show, right? Is there a third season coming up?
Yup! They're doing it now as we speak. They've been touring all year and have a live dvd out just now for x-mas too.

www.themightyboosh.co.uk is a good place to go for all things boosh. (check the art link - my sister's fanart of the Hitcher is there)
Checking it out now. Kiss!
...dya know what "kiss" means in swedish? LOLOLOL
No! Tell me! :D
Urine! HAH!

Many many urines to you!XXX

And an ocean to u.
I dunno how to take that. ha ha ha!
Man! The art site doesn't work!
Whadya think of shipping Vince and Howard?
And what exactly is the boosh?
shipping? me no understand.

The boosh. Well, a friend of theirs had really messy hair, which they all called 'the mighty bush'. So they decided to call their show that, but changed 'bush' to 'boosh' just cause it sounded funnier. ('boosh' is a made-up word, btw.)
Shipping as in relationshipping!
Lolz! It's so weird.
Me and dad and step mum just watched a couple of episodes. They liked it.
Great! Lolz, it's family entertainment! Do you have a fave episode yet?

Oh right! Well, I read a slash once...but it was really serious (wtf?). I dunno why but it creeps me out to think of 'em that way! lolz. They're just too silly to have sex :3
Yes! That's what I think too.
I'd happily slash Vince but Howard...? He's so nervous and embarrasing!

Haha! Yeah, "Bollo" is great. I love Naboo, he's genious! I watched some of the 2 series ones on utube, Nanageddon and Call of the Yeti. Great stuff, mon! "I'm gonna turn my back on ya, once and for all..."
Great! Lolz. Nanageddon is sooo funny! But 'The Legend of Old Gregg' and 'Milky Joe' are without doubt THE best.

Ha ha yeah I know. In the fic I read, Howard gives Vince a blow job. o_0 It's possibly the most disturbing thing ever.

Oh! You love Naboo! He's Vince's brother in real life (wtf? they don't look at all the same!). It's funny, you either love Naboo or hate him. There's no in between. I love him myself, but I know many who can't stand him. Funny, eh?
Whaaaaaa? They're nothing like each other!!! Yeah, his comments are the best. Love em, so spot on.

Saw Legend of Old Gregg today, actually! "I've got so much to give..." Hahaha, I can't get enough. I don't know how they come up with these things!

O_O ehrr... some pairings I just don't get. Like Snape/Harry. ???
*shakes head* that's just wrong. Yuk. What's worse is when it's incest: a threesome with Ron and the Weasley twins! I don't have the stomach for that sort of thing.

"I'm Old Gregg! I got a mangina!" Lolz. They are so random. I can't believe Vince is Old Gregg and the Hitcher. Fweaky randomness
Weel, I saw Old Gregg was Vince, but I'd never guess who played Hitcher and Mr. Susan! Btw, Mr. Susan, that name is genius. I love jokes like that. It's so boring it's funny.

Hahaha, some people have too much spare time, that's for sure. I couldn't be together with someone who was exactly like me, imagine how predictable. Besides the sex would be masturbating.
Ewwww! Yes. So wrong. I don't even wanna think about it.

"My mirror-balls! Look at them shine! Look at them shine! Oh!...cold."

I love all their wierd songs like the Stickleback song. At school, I used to sing the Cheese song - with the dance - in the middle of the hall. "Cheese is a kind of meat!"
There's a lotta ball-jokes in there, innit? I've seen the whole second series now, by the way. Vince's hair looks great ;)

What song is the Stickleback song?
God, that must've been genius! They must think you're mad. I sang the "howdya gets to kill-a-roo?"-thing for an entire day, snapping my fingers and drumming on the tables. That got annoying real quickly :D
Lolz! Yeah, but it's so hypnotic! I once sang the "Captain Cabinet, trapped in cabinets, can he get? will he get out? course he will!" to everyone who sat beside me for a whole day. That annoyed people quickly too ^_^

The Stickleback song is in the Tundra episode when they're tied up.

Oh great! What did you think of the moon? I do a very good impression of the moon. Lolz, isn't Milky Joe freaky?

Yeah, Vince looks great alright!
If I had even come up with the idea of a show about a Captain Cabinet and how he got trapped in cabinets I'd just congratulate myself and my intelligence for the rest of my days and never create anything ever again. Trufax.

The moon is weird and I can't really make out what he's saying, but yeah, haha, great just like the rest!
That whole episode is freaky. The boat thing is genius, but how they both go insane with their coconut girlfriends is creepy!


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