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Long time, no deal, huh?

Chet Baker. It's not very like the photo I used, granted, but it does look like him. Google and see for yourself.
I shall not complain about my crappy camera anymore.
Coming up soon: Johnny Rotten, Miles Davies, and, hopefully, the baby head from "Safe as Milk". Stay tuned.
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Well, I recognised this as the picture in your icon straight away, so you must've got something right! I really like the shading on this one, and your capability for drawing instruments make me jealous.
Thank you! I can see many errors in this one, but I still like the result. It's a shame I can't get the photos any better, though... okay, no complaining.
Listening to Marquee Moon now for the first time in ages, I've missed it. Thanks!
Looks great. I recognised him straight away too. I like this cover very, very much. The moody expression is perfect.

Weee! Can't wait to see the Safe as Milk baby head! :D
Thanks! It's a bit different from my other stuff.
Hah, I'm working on the baby...
Heeee! That'll be good.
I loved that. I would've bought it if I'd had the money.
What's up with teh big painting you were doing? Remember I wanted to buy it if it didn't turn out to be too expensive?
Ja, tack, den blev ganska bra eller hur? tyvärr kladdade den ut sig lite efter alla turer in och ut (eehehehe) ur stan.
Menar du Joe, eller? Den står kvar uppe på vinden och tjurar. Eftersom alla mina målargrejer är hos mamma blir det tyvärr inte att jag går dit och fixar till den men förr eller senare så...
Hähä. Typ. Vem var det som köpte den?
Ja, jag menar Joe. (teh love) Drat. Bara du fixar den innan vi slutar ;P så... haha. Men ingen pressostress!
Jag känner ingen press eller stress och jag kan inte säga om den någonsin kommer bli färdig heller för det känns inte direkt viktigt. Kanske, kanske inte.
Loris köpte en bunt böcker.