Potaror (karlstad) wrote in dealvering,

Where the dead heroes go

Why does my scanner enlarge everything to the extreme? Now, when I pull it down, it lose so much of the details.
I always have something to complain about...

I sat with this for hours. I had fun, and tried to think of people I admire while drawing - I hope I was able to capture some of that feeling!

Anyway, this is where dead heroes and other kind people go. They get here with the crazed-out dragon who catches them when they die.
This is of course only a small part of it all, but it grew bigger than I imagined when I started! I can never plan these pictures.
FYI, Joe Strummer lives in the lake flower to the left, no symbolism intended.
Apart from that, and two other houses, I didn't reserved any place for anyone special.
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I want the flower next to Joe, because presumably I'll end up here, too.
But seriously, this one is AMAZING! Especially since you drew it all from imagination (I'm assuming), the level of detail and the whole idea is just stunning. And it does prove you can draw things that aren't guns, instruments and celebrities - not that there's anything wrong with that.
SOLD! It's yours. Hah.
I'm glad you think so cause I like it too!
Yes, the fun thing with these is I never know what will happen with the next line I draw.

The only word that comes to mind is magical. It really is like a magical dream. It looks like something bright and warm you'd stumble upon while out in the dark woods. Just a gorgeous night-time oasis.

If that's heaven, I'm all for it!
...well, you got a house reserved... the pumpkin on top is yours. *blush*
So I'm glad you like it. I've always loved pictures that I can stare at forever and discover new things, so that's what I'm trying to pull, I guess...
And I was actually very satisfied with it! Hah.
Well, you should be.

It's fantastic.

Oh *blushes also* thank you! Course, you're living there with me, right?
Why, yes. Right next door! Like in every boyband lovesong ever.
:D Sounds lovely.