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I dunno if anyone actually reads this. Maybe I should try and pimp this deal a bit better...
The reason I'm not uploading stuff here now is I got one serious project going on since a year back that is now eating my time completely.
For those of you that don't know, it's a comic written by
lenbot and essentially the best thing ever. It's also completely serious.
In a near future, hopefully, we'll have a website for it up and running and I'm not gonna post anything of it here except of course a link.
I'm gonna be mysterious and only reveal that it's a dystopia and really good. I mean it.
"Look Gareh, this is my serious face."

Thumbs up for the suffering artist mentality.

And now for something completely different: another comic project together with lenbot that is not serious and not eating my time and exists of nothing else than this picture!
...which I drew on the train home from Karlstad (???)
I don't know what it's about, ask
[info]lenbot (as if she knows).
I think the plot is basically us two in the near future; in other words us two living together in a small flat with Joe Strummer painted on the wall by yours truly, having a wickedly awesome time, senseless in"jokes" and plenty of weird projects going on, including a band called Weird.

If there's better future comic material out there, tell me.
Coming up is also banksy-inspired grafitti
(don't tell), a school project, and maybe even some day that Joe Strummer "man with weapon walking out of destruction" painting I promised a year ago. Apart from that, who knows?
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Well, since I get all these on my friends page I have no choice but to read, and since I always like your art I don't mind that at all.
Anyway, both these comics sound pretty amazing - I hope you can get the srz bznz one up and running soon. The "plot" of the other also sounds intriguing, and I'd like to say again how happy I am for both of you.
glad to hear that! :D
And thank you. I'm glad for us two. and you too by the way, glad things are going your way now! hang in there!
Sorry I been a bit dead comment-wise. I'm really glad to hear your work is working out good. I knew it would get easier quickly but then I didn't get the energy to say it til you found out yerself... :P
Any idea when/how you'll be able to get a site for the comic going? I'd imagine it'd be quite time-consuming...
Good luck for September, of course! It must be really frustrating having to organise everything, but I'm just pleased you both have a way out now.
Thank you - if I can avoid spending all the money I earn on CDs and decide on a job somewhere else, I'll be joining you both in the moving-to-a-better-place before the year's up. And things aren't quite so bad here, for once! Work is indeed working out well and I hope it'll stay that way. And I think I've said before, but I really don't expect comments on every single entry I post!
Oh, lenbot's sister's gonna help us out, we've decided. :D so no worries about that!
it's not frustrating at all, just fun! :D the planning, the dreams coming tru... :D:D
So yeah. I'm glad to hear that. Anywhere particular you wanna go?

Both of these make me excited. Thanks for the kind words bout the comic. I hope it lives up to expectations!

Omg, I love that pic :'D really. That comic's gonna be even better than the other one! :D:D:D

;___; ah! me can't look at that thumb. Aow ow ow ow ow ow ow >_
You scared of blood?

:D hah, well get started on writing then! I mean, the plot is genius so...
!you know I think it's assum! And it is! I'm no pro but still, it's really really good and getting better. as for your apart, well... I'm still amazed and I'm sure I won't be the only one.
Well, it's hard to know when you make it, yanno? I love doing it so I don't really mind if it's great or not. But it's amazing when someone says it is :') makes it worthwile.

Lol! yeah. and we've gotta throw in lotsa references to things too! :D:D:D that's my fave thing to do.

Nah, blood is fine. Tastes like our water :D Lol. It's just I don't like anything like that on the finger tips!!! There are too many nerve endings there >_< It's like when people can't stand the sound of nails scraping on a blackboard, yanno? Well I don't mind that, but I do mind things involving fingertips.
yeah! I get you. I get shivers like that sometimes but I fight everything like that cuz I'm not gonna let it bother me.

yeah, it's funny so do that.

yeah feedback means a lot awright. And I'll tell you again and again then that I feel so lucky to get the oportunity to do something important with my talent instead of wasting it.
Yeah, I try but it still bugs me. ;____; I'm a weakling. lol

:D:D:D:D woot@comics

:) And I'm unbelievably lucky to have someone as great as you to work with!!! It's a dream come true. Fantastic art, telepathy, no bullshit, great ideas, and exactly the right stuff :D:D:D Lol. All this writing would be pointless if it wasn't for you ^_^

Collaboration match made in heaven! :D:D:D
and I'm a man. Again, we're in character! :D

I know. I feel the same way, the more I work with it the more fun it is and I keep thinking about when after graduation i'll only have work to concentrate on, and I'll get more time to draw it.

It really is, yanno. Dunno how it got this good?

Woot! It's gonna be genius! I love the way there's no pressure either, we're just gonna keep doing this at our own pace. woot.

Meant to be? We're both just absolutely perfect people, that's wot it is, yanno ^_^
Yeah! I'm gettin into the groove now mon so I'll keep it up :D:D and then after this weekend there'll be no pressure except for wot we choose. Pressure drop!

Hahaha. Indeed so! best thing since the banana ice cream and chocolate sauce combo ^_^
Woot! *dances*

do you like banana split? it's yummy.
Yeah! I love that. I make really good chocolate sauce :D so any time, any time.
hhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu yesssss. :d