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I dunno if anyone actually reads this. Maybe I should try and pimp this deal a bit better...
The reason I'm not uploading stuff here now is I got one serious project going on since a year back that is now eating my time completely.
For those of you that don't know, it's a comic written by
lenbot and essentially the best thing ever. It's also completely serious.
In a near future, hopefully, we'll have a website for it up and running and I'm not gonna post anything of it here except of course a link.
I'm gonna be mysterious and only reveal that it's a dystopia and really good. I mean it.
"Look Gareh, this is my serious face."

Thumbs up for the suffering artist mentality.

And now for something completely different: another comic project together with lenbot that is not serious and not eating my time and exists of nothing else than this picture!
...which I drew on the train home from Karlstad (???)
I don't know what it's about, ask
[info]lenbot (as if she knows).
I think the plot is basically us two in the near future; in other words us two living together in a small flat with Joe Strummer painted on the wall by yours truly, having a wickedly awesome time, senseless in"jokes" and plenty of weird projects going on, including a band called Weird.

If there's better future comic material out there, tell me.
Coming up is also banksy-inspired grafitti
(don't tell), a school project, and maybe even some day that Joe Strummer "man with weapon walking out of destruction" painting I promised a year ago. Apart from that, who knows?
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