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wodya mean, joy division?

heh heh.
Coming soon.
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Now, this sounds like just the sort of thing I'd love - a great story with loads of potential, but with a real message behind it as well. And I know the artwork will be great as well, so with this teaser I'm looking forward to it even more!
:D Yay! We got ourself another pre-fan then. I think you will like it actually - lenbot's an excellent writer and I'm not bad with a pencil obvzly.
dun dun dun.

looks exciting!
I hope it will be! It's exciting to me anyways. Fuuuh. Breathe, My, breathe.

I haaave read it, you haaave nooooot! *teases other pplz*

You're both brilliant and... well... I'm repeating myself here but ZOMG BEST COMIC EVVAHZ!
oh, I'm so glad you like it so much. It's people like you who's opinion counts, yanno.

Which reminds me! I think I shall be getting my ass up this week and make my mum copy a few more exes so you can mebbe get one before we go a-trippin.
You owe me a lotta drinks now mon ;D

Ooh, yay! I'll be waiting... you have to sign it for me, though :D it's going to be worth billions one day! Not that I would ever sell it; I'll just build a shrine for it, never touch it, just dust it off every now and then to keep it in mint condition, and... you know... gloat. ^^

Yeah, but that also means a lotta time spent wiv you, so it's pretty much win-win. ;D
:D:D:D We're all happeh then!